Euphemism 12.1 Fall 2016

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From the Editor

2016 has been a year of dramatic change for many of us. I began the year by losing my mother and ended the year by graduating from college—two endings that demand modification of daily routine. In these moments of uncertainty, stories are conceived. People seldom write of mundanity; they write to make a vanishing voice remembered—for tribute and legacy.

It was clear when sifting through the submissions we received that many struggled with a number of issues from oppression to depression. Writers began the arduous task of putting pen to paper to navigate through the unforgiving tides of cluttered mind. But not all submissions were so figuratively heavy. Some dealt with the subtleties of a budding romance, and some were filled with the perfect amount of Carroll-esque nonsense.

For Euphemism 12.1, I believe we chose a mixture of both the peaks and the valleys. It’s been both a privilege and joy to work closely with each piece putting them all together in our Fall 2016 edition of Euphemism, which is an interactive PDF. Enjoy!

-Chantel Reeder

Euphemism Staff Fall 2016

Editor-in-Chief: Chantel Reeder
Fiction Editor: Zeph Webster
Nonfiction Editor: Forrest Cheatwood
Poetry Editor: Alexandra Daggett
Media Editor: Kelly Byker
Social Media Coordinator: Jenny Glasscock
Publications Director: Brigid Ackerman
Submissions Coordinator: April Petrie
Yelling About Books! Director: Kara Hamilton
Assistant Fiction Editor: Chris Henning
Assistant Fiction Editor: Casey Wilk
Assistant Nonfiction Editor: Megan Donnan
Assistant Poetry Editor: Julia Andersen
Faculty Advisor: Jeremy Hurley
Staff: Mary Ochs, Haley Varnes, John Perkins, Michelle Wright-Dottore, Anna Yakey

Table of Contents

Issue 12.1 Music and Video Pages

Funny • Emily Johnson
Ether’s Egg • Zack Jones
Messtember 2016 • Zack Jones

Focus • Chantel Reeder
Moonlit Disposition • Katie Sall
Plucked • Chantel Reeder
A New View (cover image) • Stacy Maddox
Skeleton in the Water • Stacy Maddox
Prime Wolf • Katie Sall
The Real Super-Humans • Zack Jones
Still I Set • Katie Sall
Ineffable • Chantel Reeder
Aurora • Chantel Reeder
July Sky • Katie Sall
Cages • Alexandra Daggett

Out Sick • Zoe Schmidt
Road-Crossed Lovers • Forrest Cheatwood
Coffins and Doughnuts• Forrest Cheatwood
Burn • Chantel Reeder
Infanta Marina • Chrissy Rodriguez
Avoidance • Harley Chapman
Accidents Happen • Nikki Monroe
Temperature • Nikki Monroe
Aveline • David Fry
Hot in Half (N2 Cycle) • Zack Jones
Wonder the Spaces Between the Gaps in My Membranes • Zack Jones
Where Time Left Us • Chris Krueger
The Whammer • Ray Hodorowicz
Little Black Submarines • Julia Andersen

Creative Nonfiction
Something’s Not Left Here • Kara Hamilton
Rye Toast • John Perkins
Atari at Grandma’s • Alec Rigik
A Last Goodbye • Kevin Ness
Visage • Chantel Reeder

Of Broad “Segregated” Stripes and “Whites Only” Stars • Raven Preston
yahweh. • Becca Maree
/ma’ • Becca Maree
Everyone is Staring • Devin Childs
Racism • Devin Childs
American • Alexandra Daggett
The Poet • Alexandra Daggett
Just a Game • Shelbi Sarver
Something Dwells Within You • Shelbi Sarver
Perceptions • Kimberly Larsen
Blue • Emily King
one. hundred. thirty. seven. • Jayce Renner
Go—Explore • Jayce Renner
Union • Amber Stogner
Synsnaed • Harley Chapman
Nachtraglichkeit • Harley Chapman
Unicorn • Brianna Kaleel
Cycle • Morgan Wheeler
Delusions of Grandeur • Joe Alberts
Mothering • Julia Andersen
Snowfell • Julia Andersen
the start • Maddie Blackwell
semesters ago • Maddie Blackwell
Red • Maggie Kunze
Untitled • Emily Johnson
I-55 North • Maggie Kunze
Clustered Sound • Samantha Rizzi
Waking • David Fry
Nightingale Nebula • David Fry
Untitled #1-3 • Livvie Juhl
Spaces in Between Thoughts • Mike Coleman
Pest Control • Mike Coleman