As the world starts to rebuild itself after the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are forced to reconsider our usual way of doing things.

Our cultural climate dictates that problems which were relegated to the background in the past are now front and center, begging to be reckoned with. Now more than ever, we are presented with the opportunity to take stock of our failures and our successes, our cuts and our bruises, and carve a path to learning, healing, and growth.

This theme is central to this edition of Euphemism, which I am proud to present to you. We have curated a selection of pieces that address issues new and old which we face in an ever-changing world, from the personal to the public. The work we have selected for this issue ranges from lighthearted to despondent, from traditional to experimental. Still, integral to each piece is a suggestion, explicit or not, of what values we might champion as we move into an uncertain future.

Through creative work, we are able to reimagine what the world could look like. I hope you appreciate our vision.


Izzy Braico