Issue 9.1 Fall 2013

9.1 cover image


Editors for This Issue:

Emily Miner

Ruben Rodriguez

Alison DeRuiter

Rachel Johannigmeier

Rachel Dula

Jennifer Galik

Jaimie Gleissner

Jade Urban

Elora Karim

Taylor Birch


Volume 9 Issue 1


In Memory of Connor Allen, former Euphemism editor



no light to come by Rachael Stanford

I Say Here by Alexa N. Leyba

What Do You See? by Kevin Williamson

Firecrackers in the NIght Sky by Ian Denton

Sunday Drive Through Saturday by Ian Denton

A Lack of Understanding in Current Affairs by Ian Denton

Dead Lot by K. Shawn Edgar

What's in the Mail? by John Grey

The Effect on Others by John Grey

After (You've Gone) by Rachael Stanford

Untitled by Summer Qabazard

Maidenhair Falls by Kari Wergeland

Machine Mother, Eve by Christine Blackwood

Timbuktu by Christine Blackwood

Constellations by Allison Kmichik

Pulling Wool by Jane Drews




Burn by Faith Leatherman

5W by Ashley Katz

Was It Worth It? by Amanda Musolf

Dog Delimma by Gabrielle Pacelli

Waiting for the Bus by Paige Spizzo

The Hole in the Drill by Evan Stalter

A Place by Rachel Johannigmeir

RE: Work by Ian Denton

Under the Guns by Thaddeus Rutkowski

Untitled by Allison Leja

Heedless Ipsiety by Chris Krueger



Untitled by Stephanie Machotka

Do You Know Who I Am, God? I'm Famous by Patrick Harmon

The Flip Side of a Copy by Rachael Stanford

Knuckle Curve by Bill Vernon

The Ghost in the Room by Andrew Donald

Stages by Rachel Stanford


Visual Art

Delirium Tremens by Michael L. Grahfls

Cadgwith, Cornwall Fishing Boats by Emily Miner

Sagrada Familia Stained Glass by Emily Miner

Purple Flowers over Kynace Cove by Emily Miner

Venus de Milo by Emily Miner

Sacre Cœur from the Eiffel Tower by Emily Miner

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