Issue 2.1 Fall 2006

Volume 2 Issue 1


Volume 2 Issue 1

Issue 1 rocks out with work from ISU students as well as national and international writers and artists; we're bad. we're (inter) nation wide.



the hero can sleep by Andrew Jones

The Socket by Jordan Stempleman

September Afternoon in Central Park by Elizabeth Switaj

Survivor's Bones by Elizabeth Switaj

Brutal City Rythmns by Mike Kalmbach

ragamuffin: best of breed by Sheila Murphy

Customer Service at Cogent Mall by Bill Friend

GWB by Bill Friend

Keyless Entry by Bill Friend

sections from torso by ric carfana

Something like that by Devon Fitzgerald

to say something about nothing by Devon Fitzgerald

laurel by Devon Fitzgerald

Poem 7 pm 6/6 by Andrew Hall

Crazy rant written at 10:15-10:30 Am on New Years 2006 by Andrew Hall

<?> by Adam Wykes

A Delimitation by Adam Wykes

A Revelation, the Apocolypse by Blair Wittig

Temp to Hire by Blair Wittig

A bowl of Toasty Oats lies on the counter by Kevin Hadsell

Answer me this by Adam Dombrow

The Theory of Relativity by Buddy Pohlman

One Wish by Caitlin Lee

Midwest Serenade by Josh Fisher

A Friendly Conclusion by Josh Fisher

guac by Josh Fisher

Dorthea's Garden by Christina Frigo

I want to intepretive dance by Ryan Rademacher

Singed by A. Flynn

Claddagh/Calling it a Day by Lauren Sakol

Breaking from the Root by Lauren Sakol

Final Thoughts by Shebvon Askew

Untitled by Shebvon Askew

Kinks by Jessica Perez

The Parade by Lauren Luckey

Fire with Fire by Brian Allen

Will County by Brian Allen

Turn Away Smile by Brian Allen

The Age of Innocence by Shavon Coleman

Cultivated Petri Dish by Melissa Coyle

memory by Kate Dusenbery

another machine doing the same by Bob Marcacci

and what am I but a man by Bob Marcacci

conversation turns of gift only by Bob Marcacci

Snacks by Brennen McDowell

Vwls by Brennen McDowell

Voicemail messages by Amy Outland

Peaches by Kevin Hasdell

groundhogial voyage by Dan Frederking



Miracle Man by Jonathon DePaolis

Milk by Kevin Hadsell

Truth be Told by Andrew Hand

Dump by Adam Wykes

Just Life by Adam Wykes

Day By Day Buddy Pohlman

Behind Closed Doors by Christina Frigo

The Lord They God by Adam Johnson

A Changed Man by LeAnn Giaquinto

Unexplained Hell by LeAnn Giquinto

Or a Writer's Burden by Jessica Perez

The Waiting Room by A Flynn




My Own Reality by Dana Almdale

One More Angel in Heaven by Caitlin Lee

It's A Changed World After All by Lauren Luckey

Cancer Relations by Stefanie Pehr

My Father's Daughter by Annie D'Amico

Is it about clicking around by Sarah Genta



Visual Art

Untitled 1 by Elizabeth Switaj

Untitled 2 by Elizabeth Switaj

Untitled by A. Flynn

Untitled 2 by A. Flynn

Untitled by Glenna Sullivan

Let it Fade by Brian Allen

Set Aside by Brian Allen

White Horse (for Ferlinghetti) by Brian Allen

Untitled by Melissa Coyle

Untitled 2 by Melissa Coyle

Untitled 3 by Melissa Coyle


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