Issue 7.1 Fall 2011

7.1 cover image

"Jellies" by Emily Miner


Editors For This Issue:

August Cassens

Robert Okroi III

Alicia Raff

Jeffrey Rozalewicz

Chris Krueger

Philip Bruner

Scott Kinney

Brian Sorenson

Renee Niederkorn

Rachel Johannigmeier

Emily Miner

Tresea Bane

Michelle Trimpe

Sarah Weigel

Kathleen Plankenhorn

Anna Zgajewska


With Special Thanks To:

Kali Shevlin

Gina Panozzo

Volume 7 Issue 1


Visual Art

I Zombie by Alexis Moore

Rachel's Super Hero by Rachel Johannigmeier

Illuminated by Emily Miner

Jellies by Emily Miner

Up in Smoke by Emily MIner



Now I Know by Eric Engelhard with Carlos Bandana

Terrible Sound by Eric Engelhard with Carlos Bandana

Lie Meets Denial by Eric Engelhard with Carlos Bandana



When Rome Burned by Matthew Del Fiacco

Half by Treasa Bane

This is Fiction by Adelyn CaDavid

Cochlear by Adelyn CaDavid

The Room by Ryan Hill

A Memory to Die to by Deanna Bruno

Blood and Bones by Patrica Burda

Going Home by Bob Okroi

The Bottom of the Wall by Phil Skurski

Thirst by Katie DuBois

Doppelganger by Kevin Kallas

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Cannabis by Dustin Blake Grayson

Barricade by Carly Heiser

World on the Brink of Technological Singularity by Chris Krueger

The Cat by Scott Kinney

The Fishing Trip by Charles Mehl



The Dividing Line by Matthew Del Fiacco

Sonnet #1 by Deanna Bruno

The Trip by Deanna Bruno

Refrenced Artistic Profound Title by Stephen Watkins

#2 by Stephen Watkins

Fruitless by Michael Page

Deep Purple by Michael Page

Kick Blankets by Drew Noffs

No Eggs by Drew Noffs

Circles by Drew Noffs

Puddles by Andrew Veselsky

La Hire by Phil Skurski

Depressing Little Ditties by Samantha Long

Teach Me to Sing by Katie DuBois

Zebra Stripes by Katie DuBois

Beat Maybe Beat by Jenny Jackowski

Sonnet 21 by Jimmy McDermott

Hymn for Death by Jimmy McDermott

Unconsious by Amy Kubica

Magazine Ads by Carly Heiser

Bad Timing, Best Intentions by Carly Heiser

Flower Power Sequence by Morenike A. Kalejaiye

Sacrifice of the Heart by Kali Shevlin

Wander by Kathleen Plankehorn



Macula by Patricia Burda

rEVOLution by Andrew Veselsky

Lunch Time by Samantha Long

how to deal with love by Kelly Mitchell

The Worst Day SInce Yesterday by Jimmy McDermott

O Negative by Sarah Weigel

Adjusted Paradise by John Schuller




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