Issue 9.2 Spring 2014


9.2 cover image

Zin by Kyle Hemming


Editors for this Issue:

Emily Miner

Reuben Rodriquez

Taylor Birch

Bob Okroi III

Rachel Johannigmeier

Volume 9 Issue 2



The Holy Grail by Kelsey Forkner

Guessing Letters in Skywriting by Richard King Perkins II

Fluke of Light by Richard King Perkins II

Cardboard Box, Sewer Drain by Michael L. Gahlfs

Timewaves (gravitation) by Ed West

Our Favorite Programs That We Can't Watch by John Buckley and Martin Ott

Synopsis of Lusts of Midgard, America's Favorite Viking Soap Opera, Season 3

by John Buckley and Martin Ott

To Live by Jane Drews

French Fries by Jane Drews

Life is Like a Box of Chocolate Refrigerator by Kristen Scheinder

Breathe In by Kristen Scheinder

Strangers by Hailey Wilson

Ode to My Drink by Erika Bradbury

Gone by Erika Bradbury

Consumed by Taylor Torossy

Salvagable by Katie Keller

Sea Glass by Nathan Schmidt

Leaves by Nathan Schmidt

The Actor Unwilling by Mike Coleman

Doilies by Laura Eades

Expressive by Tiffany Parks

Butterfly Knives and Switchblade Shoulders by David Petschenko

I'll Never Be a Packers Fan by David Petschenko

For C by Valentina Cano

Question by Valentina Cano

Winter Blues by Rob Willett




Obsolete by Lauren Taylor

Nihilism and Geometry by Tyler Jones

Mini-Mart Jesus by Laura Eades

(sic) by A.J. Harris

Worksheet About Public Transportation by A.J. Harris

Accidental Tourists by Ed West

Knick Knack Carrowack by Alex Kotz

Tilman by Megan Mertens



On Life Death and Facebook by Kelsey Farrell

To Question the Unquestionable by Kirsten Scheinder

Slaying the Dragon by David Busboom

Hogtie Your Darlings by S.I. Dunbar

Shame by Rachel Sheley


Visual Art

Zin by Kyle Hemming

Rainbows by Kyle Hemming

Pottsville by Kyle Hemming

Pier Wave by Lauren Taylor

Fancy Bush by Lauren Taylor

Pier by Lauren Taylor

Day 307 by Juan Saliba


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