Issue 7.2 Spring 2012


7.2 cover image

"Unbound" by Alexis Moore


Editors for this issue:

Brian Sorenson

Renee Niederkorn

Alicia Raff

Anna Zgajewska

Scott Kinney

Chris Krueger

Priscilla Perez

Tresea Bane

Megan Young

Rachel Johannigmeier

Jena Salak

Emily Miner

Jeff Rozalewicz

Paul Westermeyer

Robert Okroi III

Phil Bruner


Volume 7 Issue 2

-- straight from the heart of Illinois to you!

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Five Grandparents by Adriana Gradea

Five Minute Stories by Camille Bromley

McDonald's Basic Manual by Drew Zimmerman

Bloody Knuckles by Elizabeth Brei

Twenty-seven Survivor by Haley E. Gillam

Somewhere, Sunday by Jeff Rozalewicz

Sixty-four by Jennifer Keigher

Perspective by Jennifer Keigher

Black in the Color of Confusion by Katie Dubois

Olympicism by Paul Westermeyer

Chocolate by Scott Kinney

Reflections from a Jungle Gym by Scott Kinney



Radiating Heat by Emily Miner

Nod Farm by Paul Westermeyer

An Ode to Adequacy by Adam Wiemslage

I Can Do a Handstand Underwater (Transparent Perspectives on the Backyard) by Alyssa Bralower

I Weight, Sun Rising by Alyssa Bralower

Cogito by Andrew Veselsky

Coco Mocha Brown by Angelique Ambers

COMPLEX.ion by Chereka Dickerson

{there is a hostility to our existance as humans} by Chereka Dickerson

A Gentleman's Appeal August 15, 1879 by Chereka Dickerson

Blackout by Cole Menzel

The Cigarette War by Drew Noffs

For the Sake of our Stuff by Drew Noffs

Unehalthy Relationships by Elias Bertschi

Box by Emily Coughlin

Dirge for a Clan Child by Gabriel Edzordzi Agbozo

The Watchman by Hannah Archos

Imagination Flits by Katie Dubois

Foster Home by Mark Farnsworth

Cell Phone Guy Advises Man Entering Divorce by Mark Farnsworth

Our by MeganYoung

Mishearing Him as Saying "Distribution of Health" Made Him Seem More Human by Mike Atkins

The Man in the Moon is the Man is the Moon by Mike Atkins

"Whatever It Takes," Took Everything by Mike Atkins

Release the Kracken by Robert Okroi III

A-Z by Robert Okroi III

{an unrelated title. Like "Allegory Birds" or something} by Sean Eichenser

Rembrandt by Sean McGowen

Ode to the Dandelion, She by Tara Boyce

Snow by Tara Boyce



The Unbearable Light of a Saturday Afternoon by Adriana Gradea

Silence Heals by Alexis Moore

Lean Out Your Window by Alli Marini Batts

Anniversary Night by August Cassens

there's more than one way to ruin a dinner party by Camile Bromley

A Foul Trinket of Transcendence Left in a Bailoon by Jeff Rozalewicz

Yesterday I Met a Wall by Katie Dubois

Ha by Mike Atkins

It's Not Absurd, It's a Bird by Mike Atkins

Sein Kampf by Robert Okroi III

New Athens; or How to Talk to Boys at Parties by Ruben E. Rodriguez

Let Them Eat Cake by Sarah Brock

Once Upon a Quirky Tale by Sarah Ritter

Send-Off by Scott William Foley


Visual Art

GIFT: Giving Ground by MANDEM
GIFT: latrogenesis by MANDEM


You're So Cynical by Alexis Moore

Unbound by Alexis Moore

End of Day by Emily Miner

In the Field by Emily Miner

Sparkle by Kristen Rozalewicz

Hostel Insides by Kirsten Rozalewicz

At the Bottom of the Toy Chest by Priscilla Parez

Lost by Priscilla Perez


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