Issue 5.2 Spring 2010


Editors for this issue:

Ariana Haze

Amy Weissenburger

Kari Kantor

Tom Krawczyk

Elizabeth Brei

Shelley Singler

Shane Fredrick

Marcos Figueroa


Volume 5 Issue 2 -- More great work from Illinois State University and beyond.


Note: If you go to a page and don't see the piece, click on the title and it will come up as a PDF file.


Sound Instillation

Dreams and Reality by Danny Hajek



All the Little Places by Kiersten Peshek

Just by Benjamin Kaufman

Hurricanes and Colors by Adam Wood

Texas by Chinna Balachandran

Eve by Ian Phillip

untitled by Ian Phillips

Marlboro Mirrors by Elizabeth Brei

Storming by Elizabeth Brei

Werewolf Space Love by Samantha Long

Your Dreams Won't Last Forever by Marcos Figuroa

Trigger by Lauren Jackson

The End by Anthony DeSantis


Spoken Word

The Roamer by Stephanie Castor



Mellow Blue by Lasantha Rodrigo

Revelation of the Trooper's Daughter by Samantha Long

On Love and Writing by Karin Judson

In the Summer of No Fear by Adam Wood



sinkash by Paul Nolley

When I Found PERVERSION by Paul Nolley

Sestina For My Brother by Kira Plotts

Camelot Revisited by Megan Gorsuch

The Artist's Ale by Amy Rourke

End of Childhood by Amy Rourke

Red Line, Nude Line by Paul Brees

Willow by Bill Johnson

Twisted Metaphors by Victoria Davis

how the way by Austin Meffert

Crooks by Marcos Figueroa

House of Faith by Katherine Bettendorf

Caroline by Shavon Coleman

Dusk by Valerie Romack

"Huxley, Aldous" by Carly Xagas

The Body is a Grotesque Place by Carly Xagas

The Horror of Realization by Colin Butler

Patriarchy by Colin Butler

The Celloed Self by Anthony DeSantis

To Brother by Anthony DeSantis

Speak I by Anthony DeSantis

Pinstripes by Benjamin Kaufman

untitled by Amanda Roark

When the Demons Come by Shelley Singler

Sounds by Keiko Tomioka

Diamond Rings by Laura Sunderhaus

Breakfast is on the Table by Brian Foster

New Buttons by Kelly Bates

Survival of the Fittest by Abby Filarski

Sleepwalker by Brian Kelly

Bye by Brian Kelly

bouy by Katie Goeing

The Burial by Dani Fox

Borrowed Titles by Kari Kantor

go by Kari Kantor

Listen Hear by Tom Krawczyk

Muah by Tom Krawczyk



We Must Get Down by Anthony DeSantis



Heart Splatter by Lauren Jackson

Self Portrait by Lauren Jackson

Self Portrait II by Lauren Jackson

Young Love by Lauren Jackson

Cross Walk by Becky Dolenak

Sunflower with Bee by Lauren Jump

Giraffe by Lauren Jump

Note Taker by Lauren Jump

Cotton Candy Tree by Shelley Singler

From Between the Pages by Shelley Singler

BeEclipse by Nate Kelly

Bone Collector by Nate Kelly

Long Journey by Nate Kelly

Spokesman by Nate Kelly




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