Tongue and Ink 2009


Welcome to the 2009 Tongue and Ink Writers' Conference E- Publication



Dear Chocolate, by Henry H. Hanson and Ariana Haze

Dear Dr. Pepper, by Henry H. Hanson and Ariana Haze

The Poor Man Must Trust by Henry H. Hanson

I Wish That I Lived Next Door to Myself by Henry H. Hanson

The Rich Fool by Henry H. Hanson

Night is the future by Kevin McKenzie



Gabe and the Angel Committee by Henry H. Hanson

My Bad by Ariana Haze

Distance by Ariana Haze

Cracked Soup by Kathy Elrick


Visual Poetry

Untitled 1 by Kevin McKenzie

Untitled 2 by Kevin McKenzie



Untitled by Paul DeBuff



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