Issue 11.2 Spring 2016

11.2 cover image

"pencil sorting" by Anya Malley


Editors for this issue:

Julia Andersen

Andrea Berns

Alexandra Daggett

Maggie Fazekas

Kara Hamilton

Lauren Leady

Matthew Medrala

Anya Malley

Zeph Webster

Michelle Wright-Dottore


Issue 11 Volume 2


This issue is dedicated to our ultra-fabulous director, Elizabeth Hatmaker. You've been so influential to everyone that has worked with you over the past twelve years. We wish you the best!



Show the Bones by Andrea Berns

Pandemic by Andrea Berns

Play the Part by Jack Vance

Church of Walmart by E. Farrell

Pulverized Beauty by Kirsten Bridgemen

Dachshund by Mitchell Grabois

Heart by Mitchell Grabois

But you told me that before me, you hadn't really laughed in months by R. Cajetan Sorich

American Gambit by Robert Patrick Botchy

There is a Light That Never Goes Out by Zeph Webster

Man in the Mirror by Katie Morris

A Good Heart by Katie Morris

My Anna by Corynne Nuckols




Pining by Alex Stanton

John Donne's Flea by Ali Znaidi

this is how by Ali Znaidi

Post-Surrealist Mini Encyclopedia Entry by Ali Znaidi

Bee, Bowl, Box, Boat by Casey FitzSimons

Now that I only drink water by Greg Geis

Homecoming by Greg Geis

The Body Washed Up on the Bank by John Grey

A Reading in the Village by John Grey

a divine light by Mike Coleman

an Ode to the Bitter Man by Mike Coleman

Bleach by R. Cajetan Sorich

A Way to Cry by R. Catejan Sorich

Tattoo by Sandy Coomer

Discovering Sex by Sandy Coomer

Help Me Defend Fruiting Shrubs by Billy Cancel

cabbagetown buzz bomb buzz bomb fauxbourg by Billy Cancel

zealous thresher by Billy Cancel




If Crickets Could Scream by Mike Coleman

Grandpa Dutch and the Rooster by Roger Johnson




pencil sorting by Anya Malley

Cassettes by Anya Malley

ashes to ashes by Anya Malley

Early Explorations by W. Jack Savage

Reward Enough by W. Jack Savage

A Crowded Saturday by W. Jack Savage

First Dusting of Snow by W. Jack Savage

When Salt Was King by W. Jack Savage


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