Issue 4.1 Fall 2008

4.1 cover image

"Ben and Jerry" by Liz Roemisch


Editors for this Issue:

Bryan Reid

Jordan Cox

Dominic Garzonio

Julia Drauden

Stephanie Jiambalvo

Katherine Erricson

Alan Lin

Michael Carmody

Tom Kwiatkowski

Emma Olson

Volume 4 Issue 1

We dedicate this issue to the memory of former ISU Professor David Foster Wallace.



Of (insert name here) by Eric Longfellow

Enter Here by Loretta Haskell

Open Windows Theatre by Evan Nave

Another Solo by Evan Nave

This Way Up by Sarah D. Kritzman

Tabula Rasa by Ryan Blackwell

Can of Worms by Adam Wykes

We Will Never Be Late Again by Sam Schild

A Haze of Monochrome Light by Adam Wood

In Future Tense by Adam Wood

Brainstorm by Liz Roemisch

First Impressions by Liz Roemisch

Straight, No Chaser by Todd Eddy


Non Fiction

Sin Equals Survival by Adam Wykes

Untitled by Andrew Del Mastro

This Is About My Dad by Andrew Chamberlain

That Night I Got Arrested, Remember? by Andrew Chamberlain

How to Make Gravy by Tim Crisp



Spoken Word

Untitled by Brian Cioni

On Making Coleslaw by Stephanie Lane Sutton

Summary of the Future by Stephanie Lane Sutton

In Other Words There Was No Pain by Stephanie Castor




Negative, Ghostrider. The Pattern is Full by Steve Cimino

I'll See You In Another Life, When We Are Both Cats by Steve Cimino

See Thru Stars by Ian Reynold

City of Tar by Ian Reynold

Original Music by Paul Meuller




Sed libera nos a melo by Charish Halliburton

Pound in Bed by Charish Halliburton

10 Quarters by Charish Halliburton

And With That We Are Becoming Nothing by Sam Schild

Circles by Sam Schild

beauty by Sam Schild

Gonzo Love by Stephanie Lane Sutton

American Mourning by Kevin McKenzie

Assassins for Democratic Action by Kevin McKenzie

Untitled 1 by Lisbeth Joergensen

Untitled 2 by Lisbeth Joergensen

Untitled 3 by Lisbeth Joergensen

Please by Michael Carmody

Genesis by Erin Barrilleaux

Lipstick by Holms Troelstrup

Fun With Hopper by Jaimie Gleissner

To The Man of Urine by Andrew Chamberlain

To Pine by Tom Kwiatkowski

Exception by Tyler Flynn Dorholt

Out of Fence by Tyler Flynn Dorholt

Hebitudinous Eidolon by Tyler Flynn Dorholt

Opportunity by Y Madrone

Cliff Diving by Philip Byron Oakes

A Quixotic Thought Inspired By Pound...Canto 79 by Rachel Forbes

I Am by Rey Escobar

Wheel by Rey Escobar

671, Towanda by Katie Holbrook




Liz Nude by Thomme Zimmermann

Guitar by Adam Sharp

Rage and Love by Adam Sharp

Bettas by Liz Roemisch

Ben and Jerry by Liz Roemisch



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