Issue 3.2 Spring 2008

3.2 cover image


Editors for this Issue:

Adam Wykes

Julia Drauden

Dominic Garzonio

Alex Spivey

Janae Stork

Chrissy Mysko

Tim Lantz

Volume 3 Issue 2

More great work from Ilinois State students, faculty and friends from across the country!


Spoken Word

Cocoon by Sarah Barnes



Eyes On Tomorrow by Lauren Lubas

Inamorata by Brian Cioni

[pretentious title here] by Phil S. deBehst

One of them was forged in the fires of mount doom by Phil S. deBehst

Brando by Virginia Reston

sociosexunomics by Virginia Reston

We Took the Wrong Road, But Hell, We've Got the Right of Way by Greg Clanton

The Peaches on Orange Street by Stephen Shoup

Or by Stephen Shoup

Time pokes by Ryan Killeen

At Tribute by Ryan Killeen

Praise Gaia, Protect Jane by Caitlin Lee

Bird and the Wooden Whale by Christy Andrelczyk

Oblivion by Christy Andrelczyk

I Tire of Poetry by Elizabeth Roemisch

Untitled by Elizabeth Roemisch

morning activities by Jenna Goldsmith

the why and the how by Jenna Goldsmith

PDF by Melissa Coyle

Soviet Portrait by Melissa Coyle

for Student by Melissa Coyle

VII by Nick Kaminsky

Eleven thoughts on stick figures by Thomas Kwaitkowski

Noddles by Thomas Kwaitkowski

Turn Down the Gray Noise, Bus by Thomas Kwaitkowski

Swee Tea by Jeff Lynall

Salt of Summer by Carly Xagas

The Asymptote by Adam Wykes

Forever Separate by Adam Wykes

Midnight Prose at Downtown Party by Sara Dylan Zarett

Boy/Girl Smell by Sara Dylan Zarett

I-55 by Todd Eddy

SUNNY by Charish Halliburton

Gunpowder by Julia Drauden

Wetland by Julia Drauden

Poison Ivy by Keely Siciliano

The Moon Says "Rawr!" by Kevin McKenzie

Pantoum 1/30/08 by Rachel Allen



Untitled by Elizabeth Roemisch

A Woman's Arms by William Reger

Of A Singular Variety by Adam Wykes

The New Game by Adam Wykes

Full Stop by Amy Riddle

What Tomorrow Brings by Todd Eddy

Moloka'i Madness by Dominic Garzonio

A Roof in the Sky by Nathan Wykes

When the Universe Speaks of Love by Nathan Wykes



No collection by Stephen Shoup

Melting Pot Boil Over by Brennen McDowell

Goodbye in 75 lines by Brennen McDowell

Untitled by Adam Wykes

Writing from the Inside by Doug Schlesser


Visual Art

To the Victors Go the Spoils by Colin Snyder

Unicorn by Colin Snyder

Matador by Elizabeth Roemisch

An Egg is Born by Brennen McDowell

Hardcore Gamer by Adam Wykes

Untitled by Adam Wykes



Slips Away Fast by Brennen McDowell

Please Take Me Nowhere by Brennen McDowell

Sideways by Brennen McDowell








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