Issue 2.2 Spring 2007

2.2 cover image


Editorial Staff for this Issue:

Shebvon Askew

Cassie Buckley

Melissa Coyle

Julia Drauden

Dan Frederking

Lauren Lubas

Amy Outland

Jessi Perez

Jim Robinson

Dan Smith

Adam Wykes

Dani Athans

Ashley Lanham


Vol. 2 Issue. 2

Issue 2 contains more exciting work!.



Sweet Nothingness by Rachel Stanford

Crave by Monika Thelen

hole by Monika Thelen

Lillies by Monika Thelen

The New "We" by Brini Mitchell

"Stained clear through to sleep" by Stephen Chamberlain

The Face by Stephen Chamberlain

Who Will Love a Black Woman? by Shavon Coleman

Red's got a secret by Lauren Myers

The Minuteman by Stephen Shoup

The Train by Tom Herakovich

Find the Needle by Allyse Edmonds

Clockwork by Kevin Hadsell

Sand Castles by Kevin Hadsell

Life Like Jazz by Todd Eddy

Lessons my Father Never Taught Me by Lauren Lubas

understanding/understating the irony by Lauren Lubas

For Jealousy by Lauren Lubas

"I Plagerized This Poem" by rp rademacher

MindBogglingPenetration by Jacqueline McGhee

sOlgaSm by Jacqueline McGhee

The Little Miracle by Sarah Lindenbaum

Wake Me by Josh Fisher

LAUGH SAD MAN by Josh Fisher

Road Trip by Josh Fisher

Wild Turkeys by Michael Healey

Ode to Tybalt by Michael Healey

Flying by Stephanie Fisher

"PSYCHO-BITCH" by Shebvon Askew

" " by Adam Wykes

A Litany of Human Prowess by Adam Wykes

The Pube by Melissa Coyle

populous limbs by Rob Parrish

one million phallic forces by Rob Parrish

Seduce Me, Technology by Brian Allen

Coffee After Burroughs by Brian Allen

There's a Hair in my Capitalism by Kathy Elrick



Is Love Blind or Does it Blind Us? by Julia Mauro

Antithesis by Lauren Lubas

"First Piece" by Jeff Hyde

My Funny Valentine by Sean DiLeonardo

Thown by Adam Wykes

All the Difference by Adam Wykes

Vincent Dawson's Observatory by Nathan Wykes

The Star-Night Gallery by Matt Rotman

Grandma and her Cat by Heather Kosur



Vintage Lane by Stephanie Weiss

Crossing the Bodhi Tree by Tom Herakovich

"Calhoun County" by Buddy Pohlman

Cruel Deviation by Lauren Lubas

Close Shave by Sarah Lindenbaum

Thank You For Holding by Megan Welgat

Number 9 by Megan Welgat

On the Natural Selection of Ideas by Adam Wykes

Irreplaceable by Alice Riddle

Michael Cares by A Flynn


Visual Art

Untitled by Sam Schild

Untitled 1 by Brittany Nelson

Untitled 2 by Brittany Nelson

Untitled by Todd Eddy

Untitled 1 by Emily Novak

Untitled 2 by Emily Novak

Untitled 3 by Emily Novak

Untitled by A Flynn

Untitled 2 by A Flynn

Untitled 1 by Brian Allen

Untitled 2 by Brian Allen

Untitled 3 by Brian Allen






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