Issue 11.1 Fall 2015

11.1 cover image

"Freedom" by Roshaunda Coleman


Editors for this Issue:

Michelle Wright-Dottore

John Perkins

Kelly Byker

Kara Hamilton

Lauren Leady

Andrea Berns

Anya Malley

Julia Andersen

Grisel Monarrez



Volume 11 Issue 1


We dedicate this issue to all students and citizens working for peace and justice.



Video Project

Brief Motivation by Adam Brockman



Spoken Word

Untitled by Mac DiFoggio

The Naked Truth by Roger Jenisch




Shoes in Green Rug by Mac Difoggio

Oasis Lake Bike Trail by Mac Difoggio

Freedom by Roshaunda Coleman

Daunting by W. Jack Savage

It Will Be Dark Soon by W. Jack Savage

A Range Unlike Any Other by W. Jack Savage

Two Moons by W. Jack Savage

A Clean Shave by Michael Grahlfs




Coffee Break by Vincent Cialdella

Paranoid by Mac Difoggio

Bootiful by Mac Difiggio

Plantlife by Eric Velling

A Minor Problem by Eric Velling

bustrip by Ryan Brennan




After by Katie Morris

Untitled by Alyssa Dohse

Machine 8 by Madeline McCormick

The Value of X: an Individual or a Number? by Alissa Williams

The Place of Possibiities by Julianne Vana




Flip Flops by Chris Dungey

I Wake with the Sun by Craig Hoeksema

Sammy and Jack by Danni Bowen

Bongs, Burgers, and a Dead Body by Nikki Monroe

Justine by Zeph Webster

Roses by Zeph Webster

An Evening with Torano by Andrea Berns

Apathy is the Best Medicine by Andrea Berns

It Burned by Taylor Torossy

The Brown Paper Bag by Sarah Greenberg

Sojourner by Fred Skolnik

Your Choice of Euphemism by Peter Lingard

He, Who Controls the Spices by Johnny Newport




My Land of the Lost by John Grey

Dear Funeral Director by John Grey

blow me a kiss by Mike Coleman

How to Hit on Ladies by James Croal Jackson

I Know This Body Not by Maddie Blackwell

Mt. Brain by A.J. Huffman

Tennessee Antebellum by Richard King Perkins II

Thermaic Gulf by Richard King Perkins II

Coclkaigne by Joe Rice

Platform Transubstantiation by Katarina Boudreaux

Essence 1: Love by Alexandra Daggett

Splattered with Blood and Pain by Christopher Runyan

Four Wooden Steps. A Pear Tree. Seven Plush Chairs. And Sad Wallpaper. by Sarah Gregory

Delta by Nikki Monroe

Maze by Nikki Monroe

Ecriture by Sanam Shahmiri

Pandora by Sanam Shahmiri

Dr. Hell No and the Praying Mantis by Emily Baldwin

Untitled by Brian Meyer

Exodus to Granjeno, Texas by Nigel Meyer

Hot in October by Nigel Meyer

Aubade by Nigel Meyer

Hope and Honesty by John Perkins

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