Issue 6.1 Fall 2010


6.1 cover image

"Collective Humanity" by Victoria Towers


Editors for Fall 2010 Issue:

Connor Allen

Elizabeth Brei

Phil Bruner

Andy Christiansen

Aida Giurgianu

Vicky Hallstrom

Camille Mendozza

Jenna Salak

Shelley Singler

Brian Sorenson

Michelle Trimpe

Megan Young

with special thanks to

Emily McClintock

Volume 6 Issue 1: Creative Arts for the People!

Remember: If you come to a page with no creative work, click on the title and enjoy!


Comic Art

Birds and Bees by Phil Skurski



I-64 by Danny Hajek



Effection by Jack Kendrick

Orange Light Movement 1 By Ira Eugene Mayo

Singlehandedly by Runnerup To The Sun



The Truth Box by Brian Schmitt

Open Mike at the Women's Coalition by Samantha Long

Songs Inside the Birdcage by Bill Johnson

Cutting an Onion by Rob Parrish

Night Collecting Light by Ira Eugene Mayo

I and Love and You by Ever Ferrer

Take Your Time by Alyssa Bralower

The Anonymous Musician Club by Matthew Del Fiacco

The Effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and the War in Vietnam on Fish by Phil Skurski

Slipping Back Into the Gap Again by Robert Gehring

Wires and Ivy Plants by Amy Brueckman

Sit and Spin by Phil Bruner

The Way You Die Trying by Elizabeth Brei

Stranger than Fiction by V.J.L. Hallstrom

Kisses by Kaleb Wachala

Yonquero by Mike Pemberton


Visual Art

Bullwinkle by Anna Zgajewska

Imagine by Anna Zgajewska

Road Trip by Abby Filarski

Modern Sunsets by Abby Filarski

Dropped by Abby Filarski

Starlover and Star by Ira Eugene Mayo

On My Way to Emerald City by Ira Eugene Mayo

Scan 2 by Camille Mendoza

Scan 4 by Camille Mendoza

Omari by Camille Mendoza

Heels on Wheels by Lacey Maulding

Pin-Up by Lacey Maulding

The Black Keys-- Patrick by Lacey Maulding

Collective Humanity by Victoria Towers



The Universal Round by Brian Schmitt

Nine-One-One by Lasantha Rodrigo

"Arbeit Macht Frei" by Jenna Salek

Two Ways To It by Samantha Long

Night Shift at the County Jail by Samantha Long

A Letter to the Past by Aida Giurgianu

Superhero Training Isn't As Easy As It Looks by Alan Williams

Dhuka by Colin Butler

Dear Waterson Towers by Gabriel Smith



Trailer Park Tale by Kaleb Wachala

Umbrella by Kaleb Wachala

The Green-Painted Light by Kaleb Wachala

I Am a Library by Shauna Ubersox

Tragic Youth by Dylan Brunenkant

Thought of a One-Eyed Kleptomaniac Dog-Loving Assault Victim by Nick Robinson

Salvation by J.L. Severance

"silence" by Hannah Archos

The Cobblestone Wall by Brian Schmitt

Pendulum by Valerie Romack

Evasion by Valerie Romack

VIPs Abby Filarski

location location location by Abby Filarski

it's raining, and it's you, may by Rob Parrish

fried egg genius by Rob Parrish

Saturday Morning Delight by Philip Uebbing

Beginning Rising Climax Falling Resolution by Jake Braverman

Invisible by Danel Matthews

Often I'm Told by Matthew Del Fiacco

Two Frogs by Phil Skurski

sex by Phil Skurski

Mr. Can't by Jeff Bania

Inkblots and the Inception of Or by Chloe Nelson

Waiting by Chloe Nelson

Darkness by Chloe Nelson

The New Coke by Bill Johnson

Greater Than or Equal To by Daniel Scott

Terracotta Limbs by Daniel Scott

I Used To by Terry Jackson

To Don't List by Dylan Winston

Ascension, Demise by Colin Butler

Spinal Tap by Lasantha Rodrigo

The Shadow of Beauty by Jessica Abbinante

Daylight Savings by Elizabeth Brei

Black Hole by Elizabeth Brei

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