Issue 1.2 Spring 2006


"Window Seat" by Brian Allen

Featuring work by:

Robbie Telfer

Kellie Powell

Adam Farcus


Vol.1 Issue.2

Issue 2 has got it all: poetry, fiction, and mixed media. This collection is bursting at the seams with fine writing and diverse visual art.


Meaning-Making at Night by Prince Adika

First Love by Prince Adika

Untitled by Brian Allen

The Reality of Dreams by Brian Allen

Dancer by Brian Allen

Window Seat by Brian Allen

Ugliness by Kayla Alyward

Genus Species by Tepstone

Food Network by Tepstone

Stars (mic check 1,2 1,2) by Danielle Cochran

Yonic breaths by Danielle Cochran

Untitled by Rachel Couch

The Apartment by Mike Dunn

Detachment by Mike Dunn

Leon by Todd Eddy

Day Journals: March 3, 2005-March 8, 2005 by Adam Farcus

Day Journals: December 30, 2005-January 2, 2006 by Adam Farcus

Day Journals: January 6, 2006-January 24, 2006 by Adam Farcus

# # # by Adam Farcus

You Can’t Tell Me This Isn’t Poetry by Dan Frederking

Self-Proclaimed Caucasian Rap Superstar Seeks Creative Outlet by Dan Frederking

Dog! by Christina Frigo

How were you truly forgotten? by Evan Groll

CATHARSIS by Andrew Hand

A Lesson by Heidi Heitz

euphemisms by Tom Herakovich

Dreamers’ Fiesta by Mike Lemense

The Weak Shall Love and the Strong Shall Conquer by Mike Lemense

Starfall by Cody Libovitz

Goddess by Devona Mallory

Road Map by Devona Mallory

Altar II by Devona Mallory

Out The Window by Brennan McDowell

first grade by Brini Mitchell

The Naked Cowboy and the American Revolution by Charlie Mulvey

No Sleep by Charlie Mulvey

Waiting Her Out by Kellie Powell

Untitled by RP Rademacher

Untitled by RP Rademacher

Forests and Flashbacks by Sam Schild

Happy Mother’s Day, Dear by Eric Strand

Falling Into Dementia by Adam Taylor

Entry for July 6th, 2005 by Robbie Q. Telfer

Wind by Robbie Q. Telfer

Titty Chasm by Robbie Q. Telfer

existence is a question of audience by Adam S. Wykes





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