Issue 6.2 Spring 2011

6.2 cover image

"Biggie" by Jessica Fletcher


Editors for this Issue:

Jenna Salak

Megan Young

Michelle Trimpe

Brian Sorenson

Phil Bruner

Phil Uebbing

Aida Giurgianu

Chris Kreuger

Scott Kinney

Kevin Rogel

August Cassens

Renee Neiderkorn





Volume 6, Issue 2



Hot Dog by Emily Terlak


Audio Essay

The Lotto by Danny Hajek



A Trippe to the Theatre by Emily Terlak

Dropping Like Flies by Adam Macholz

A Tale to Tell by Breanna Sherlock

Blistered by Colleen Burger

Brazilian Sugar Cane, Likewarm Beer, and an Italian with a Four-Inch Knife by Emily Voss

Two Sugars Please by Heather Fischer

Treasure Map by Katie Wolf

Boondocks by Phil Bruner

Troubled Times by Samantha Long

Fireworks by Scott Kinney

The Machete by Steve Ladson

Honorary Anything by Samantha Long



Lux by Brian Sorenson

Locked Love by Jessica Abbinante

cool flowers by Jessica Fletcher

wayne by Jessica Fletcher

Biggie by Jessica Fletcher

Hopeful Voice by Kelsey Schneider

Electric Feel by Kelsey Schneider

My Kind of Town by Kelsey Schneider



Father Apart by Josiah Rosenberger

For the Last Time by Josiah Rosenberger



Cup by Nicolas Walker

Scientifically Speaking by Nicolas Walker

The Wind and the Waves by Nicholas Jager

King Reason by Nicholas Jager

Color Stained by Mimi Duong

While I Still Can by Megan Young

Denied by Lisa Dominick

[stemming from the radical belief that a woman's body belongs to herself] by Lindsay Bryant

The Other Side of the Forest by Kristen Allen

Reality of Romance by Keri Lynn Wilson

Box of Rust by Keri Lynn Wilson

Mirror by Kelsey McGreer

Wooden Contentment by Kate Stasiak

Night by John Daniels

Metamorphic Sentiments by Jeremy Boehme

Apollo by Jenny Jackowski

Lore by Jane L. Carman

L.Ode by Jane L. Carman

Eulogy for Elsie Mae by Greg Dennis

God at the Bus Stop by Greg Dennis

Petrolum Disk by Gary Iverson

Warfaire by Gary Iverson

Ebb and Flow by Gary Iverson

Still by Elizabeth Barry

Exotica by Chris Jennings

Untitled by Caitlin Crooks

Something Mine by Caitlin Crooks

The Voice in the Screen by Brian Schmitt

Reflection by Artemis Steakley-Freeman

30 Percent Percipitation by Taylor Marrison

Strewn Quarters and Still Dealt Cards by Samantha Long

The Wild Approach by Rob Parrish

Because I Love Thee by Rob Parrish

Lights Out by Rebekah Budlong



The Veterans by Matthew Del Fiacco

She Sells, He Shells by Brenton Fisher

Mortigi Tempo by Brian Schmitt

Cleansing by Carolyn O'Hearn

Mayday by Chris Jennings

Polar Bear by Chris Krueger

Like Divine Inspiration by Chris Krueger

Eight Minutes by Drew Zimmerman

Ellipsis: The Understated Dreambody by Gary Iverson

Tune in Next Time by Greg Dennis

Death Slips the Nightmare Seed by Jeff Rozalewicz

The Ballroom by Jenny Jackowski

The Boy with Failing Calves by Joe Sullivan

Buzzing Bees by Katie DuBois

Hospital by Kiersten Peshek

Cigarettes and Scarves by Maclain Scott

Chalkboard Calligraphy by Maclain Scott

Warren by Mimi Duong

Caramel Coffee by Patrick Dwyer

The Perfect Bathroom by Ryan Hill

Road Tripping by Stephen Watkins

The Mirror by Tim Wagner

Altaration by Valerie Romack

Oberon by Patrick Dwyer



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