Issue 4.2 Spring 2009

4.2 cover image


Editors for this Issue:

Stephanie Jiambalvo

Ariana Haze

Katie Ericcson

Kathy Elrick

Brian Cioni


Volume 4 Issue 2


Sound Instillation

A Useful Person by Kristen Hayter

Clownfish by Kristen Hayter


Comic Art

Untitled by Kevin McKenzie and Christine Andrelczyk

Untitled by Kathy Elrick



Livorno My Love by Jan Oskar Hansen


Spoken Word

Netherworld by Bruce McRae

Coming of Age in Colville by Aylen Rounds

Teachers by Aylen Rounds



Everything I Know About Hockey, I Learned From the Mighty Ducks by Alex Weilbacher

Walt Whitman Homage by Rachel Forbes

[snow] by Lisbeth Joergensen

The Overlooked Social Menace of Public Urination by Mike Lemense

The First Mammal to Wear Pants by Mike Lemense

Modern Technology as Faustus Realized by Mike Lemense



Two Steps Beyond My Door by Scott Rogers

The Light by Ryan Blackwell

Oceans by Jaimie Gleissner

Mr. Fate Escapes by Mike Lemense and Gary Indiana

Zombie Cafeteria by Lauren Monahan



No Patience for Poetry by Kathy Elrick

New by Mary McMahon

Ashes by Mary McMahon

Unsteady by Carly Xagas

Tin Man by Carly Xagas

Dust Bowl by Carly Xagas

The Visitor by Rachel Pfost-Stevens

She Sleeps With Tired Dreams by Rachel Pfost-Stevens

Peaces by Rachel Forbes

At 3:26 AM I Saw a Book and Said by Rachel Forbes

Untitled by Brian Cioni

The Wordsman by Brian Cioni

Clubber by Rachael Stanford

Use Your Ilusion by Rachael Stanford

Hold by Mike Lemense

Snakes Alive by Mike Lemense



Here's Johnny by Kathy Elrick




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