Issue 8.1 Fall 2012

Volume 8 Issue 1, cover image


Editors for this Issue:

August Cassens

Emily Miner

Robert Okroi III

Alicia Raff

Ruben Rodriguez

Zac Price

Taylor Birch

Rachel Johannigmeier

Chris Krueger

Caitlin Edwards

Rich Marshalla

Brian Sorenson

Jeff Rozalewicz

Volume 8 Issue 1



In View of Blue by Jeremy Meyer

Yawning Wizards by Rich Marshalla

Conversation Between Boulders by Rich Marshalla

Standing Still by Get Well Cards



Joel Garreau's The Nine Nations of North America by Michael Gibson Wollitz

An Honest Discussion by Steve Watkins

HowTo Get Away With Murder by Anonymous by Ruben Rodriguez

I dream of you by Zac Price

Retours by Terence Kuch

Arise by Michael Soares

Bumblebee Batallion by Theresa Moen

Waikiki Wedding by Jeffery Ryan Long


Visual Art

Lake Everest by Jesse Schenk

Farmer's Sunset by Emily Miner

Homecoming by Emily MIner

Spiral Pendant by Emily Miner

Metalic Negative Sunset by Stacy Maddox

Sun Spot by Stacy Maddox

Saint Charles by Alexis Moore

Let me Out by Kristen Rozalewicz

Gargoyle by Kristen Rozalewicz



Have You Ever Held a Gem by Caleb Hendrix

Housework by John Grey

Maple by John Grey

In an Alternative Universeby Steve Klepetar

Splinters by Steve Klepetar

O by Changming Yuan

Director of Destinies by Changming Yuan

Finding the Lantern by Sy Roth

Most of the interesting art by Steven Stark

this is your life by Steven Stark

The Crossing of Normal by Jeremy Meyers

Transformation by Jackie Grobe

Fowl by Treasa Bane

Puns puns puns by Kyle Klenderworth

Growing by Theresa Moen

Nine-Eleven by Joseph Goosey

Little Bear by Burr Somova

A Different Land by Burr Somova

The Most Fundamental Institution by Michael Gibson Wollitz

Post Horae by Michael Gibson Wollitz

Ford by Robert Okroi III

Notations for an imagined future actualized-self, which can’t seem to be now by Alyssa Bralower

The Shaded Glass by Ruben Rodriguez

Creation by Caitlin Lore

Cleaning the Tank by Caitlin Lore

Journey of the Fat Girl by Jess Henry

Liposuction Lit by Emily Miner

Secrecy by Emily Miner

Emanciation of One's Emotions by Tuti Kalejaiye

after the fall by Kyle Hemmings

Carnival Girl by Kyle Hemmings

Soapbox by Yevgeniy Levitskiy



Loveturds by Treasa Bane

Hoping down the Bunny Trail by Scott Kinney

Bathroom Showdown by Zach Barr

Just as Planned by Theo Lowe

The Other World by John Robert Schuller

"You Haven't Got the Balls" by Amanda Musolf



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