Issue 3.1 Fall 2007

3.1 cover image


This Issue Edited by:

Janae Stork

Tim Lantz

Adam Wykes

Chrissy Mysko

Julia Drauden

Dan Frederking

Tracey Tholen

Kevin Walters

Stephanie Bodanyi


Volume.3 Issue 1

This issue has some great new work-- check out new music and spoken word genres!


Spoken Word

Corporate Heads Laughing by DJ Phonetics

Educated in Love by Tashia Owens



My Wee(ea)k by The Scalping Project

Adhesive by DJ Phonetics



Snapshot By One Out of Season by Pamela Hodel

My Own Futile Howl by Pamela Hodel

"Every Word You Say to Her" by Rachel King

Fecundity by Kevin McKenzie

Abrupt Appearance by Francis Raven

Blue Jeans by Francis Raven

Memoriam of a Car Alarm by Kathy Elrick

Reflections of the Surface and Reflections of a Pool by Kathy Elrick

So Peter, You're a Pirate Now by Thomas Kwiatkowski

The Ways by Susan Beuth

This is a Shade of Truth by Brandon Hedgspeth

Sunflower Girl by Margaret Molloy

Raunch Culture by Margaret Molloy

Lost and Found by Philip Byron Oakes

Perchance by Philip Byron Oakes

Psychonaut by Brian Kunkel

Sunday Morning by Matt Court

The Laundromat by Matt Court

Twerps Get Lucky by Brennen McDowell

Fireflies by Brennen McDowell

Of Thee I Sing by Mike Dorsam

We = They by Mike Dorsam

"Celebrities, Role Models" by DJ Phonetics

Re Pair by Jenna Goldsmith

"6:00 A.M." by Angela Eastman

Crow by Angela Eastman

Make It Beautiful by Nenad Jovanovic

E_motion by Nenad Jovanovic

How I Drive You to Drink by Lauren Lubas

Stolen by Lauren Lubas

Betrayal Ashley Wilkinson

Full Circle by Ashley Wilkinson

Spider Web by Ashley Wilkinson

The Boy Who Wandered Away and Was Lost by Amy Lynn Eggert

Winter Meditation by Amy Lynn Eggert

Lightening Snapshot by Amy Lynn Eggert

Distorted Reality by Rachel Forbes

The Heart is My Home by Nathanial Joseph

Para Mi Primo by Nathanial Joseph

My Tree Poem by Melissa Coyle

The Avoidance of Photosynthesis by Melissa Coyle

On the Seed of a Daffodil by Melissa Coyle

A Report Filed by Sean Becker

Neoantimihilist by Blair Wittig

Veil by Blair Wittig

Circle of Life by Prince Kwame Adika

A Dirge Too Soon by Prince Kwame Adika

A Farewell and a Defiance by Prince Adika

Ode To the Small Dog by Brian Hillery

Chop Up by Brian Hillery

Stupid Fruit by Brian Hillery

Jazzy Man by Charish Halliburton

Leather Captain by Charish Halliburton



Peppered Replica by Max Perenchio

The Importance of Dreams by Kevin McKenzie

Monsters by Krista Childers

The Letter by Joseph Campbell

Life from Death by Adam Wykes

Featured Amy Riddle

Smothered and Covered by Scott Southard

The End by Carolyn O'Hearn



Roots and Radicals by Margaret Molloy

Suppos'd to by Irene Taylor

Observations of an Adult by Kathleen Prohaska

Truth in Red by Lauren Lubas

Big Empty by Lauren Lubas

Origins by Rachel Pfost-Stevens

Anchor by Ryan Henneberry


Visual Art

Cecilie by Julia Drauden

End of the Line by Julia Drauden

Sanssouci Curve by Julia Drauden

Untitled by Rachel Sanford

Pedals by Brennen McDowell

Untitled by DJ Phonetics

Rope by Nathanial Joseph

Hawaiian Steps by Nathanial Joseph

In and Out by Adam Sharp

Squidse by Colin Snyder

Whale5 by Colin Snyder

djjj by Max Perenchio

Polyphonessia by Max Perenchio






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