Issue 8.2 Spring 2013

Issue 2 Vol 8

Editors for this Issue:

Jade Urban

Robert Okroi III

Alicia Raff

Ruben Rodriguez

Taylor Birch

Rachel Johannigmeir

Chris Krueger

Jeff Rozalewicz

Sarah Brock

Jaimie Gleissner

Volume 8 Issue 2



Sinners and Lovers by Carla Josefine

Stella by Carla Josefine



Vicki and Beth Stopped By for a Visit by Paul Lewellan

Hollowly by Megan Mertens

You Have by Marva Moody

Broken by Marva Moody

Deconstructing Reality by Ian Denton

Golem by Robert Okroi III

Henderson by Edgar West

The Father by Bianca Hull

authenticity by Chris Krueger

the vault by Chris Krueger

Black Out Dick Out by Ariel Cisneros


Visual Art

The Old Ones by Stacey Maddox

Denver by Dennis Thein Ho

A Dark Curiosity by Lauren Schultz

Predisposition? by Lauren Schultz

Perception by Lauren Schultz

Crinkle and Rot by Kristen Rozalewicz

Fish Lips by Kristen Rozalewicz

How About a Shave by Kristen Rozalewicz

Tower by Kristen Rozalewicz

Bierstadt Lake Dennis Thein Ho



Sound Installation

Ode to the Colonized by Sarah Mae Voracek



Video by UZ. Eliserio



Urban Mingling by Allen Quin Yuan

Nature Netting by Allen Quin Yuan

Buddha Beads by Allen Quin Yaun
Intimacy of Night by Bobbi Sinha-Morey

Anarchy of Beauty by Bobbi Sinha-Morey

Ear Stew by Sarah Pappadopoli

Cyclist in the Distance by John Grey

Bagatelle for Doubt and Wind Instruments by Stephan Delbos

After Apollinaire by Stephan Delbos

Bagatelle for Ancient Values, Jaw Harp and Lyre by Stephan Delbos

don't by Danny Thang Ho

moo moo cow by Danny Thang Ho

Madison by Danny Thang Ho

A Slaughterhouse with Glass Walls by Ariel Cisneros

The Dream by Ariel Cisneros

The Goddess of Memory is Diagnosed with Alzheimer's by Artemis Steakley-Freeman

Spilling Me by Robert Okroi III

Shadow Line by Janet Butler

Minuet by Janet Butler

Fruit by Janet Butler

Gone by Angelique Ambers

Ego City by Angelique Ambers

Driving a Carriage as a Holy Highwayman by Kyle Klendworth

One Way Ticket on the Grammar Train to Auschwitz by Kyle Klendworth

Capitalize by Kyle Klendworth

365 Days by Jackie Grobe

Denver by Jackie Grobe

Bury Me in Gold by Michelle Warnimont

Letters to My Father by Sarah Mae Voracek

Simple by Mike Magnocavallo

8 P.M. at the Trailer Park by John Grey



Restart by Michelle Warnimont

People These Days by Theo Lowe


Special Choose Your Own Adventure Story

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