Issue 5.1 Fall 2009


5.1 cover image

"Holiday Lights" by Lauren Jump


Editors for this Issue:

Ariana Haze
Elizabeth Brei
Tom Krawczyk
Teresa O’Donnell
Holms Troelstrop
Kari Kantor
Heather Pugh
Sarah Chance

Marcos Figueroa
Ryan Massey
Amy Weissenburger
Vicky Hallstrom

Issue 5 Volume 1-- Another Exciting Issue for You to Enjoy!



Mother by Ashley Wilkinson

From the Watchtower by Nicholas Mitchel

My Cliff by Allison Hall

Camping by Jaimie Gleissner

Calle Ocho by Adrienne Ward

Ashtray by Elizabeth Brei

A Word of Warning by Elizabeth Brei

Our Dead Cat: A Love Story by Bill Johnson

Girl on the Rooftop by Bill Johnson

On the Red Barstool by Amy Rourke

First Touch by Heather O'Leary



Holiday Lights by Lauren Jump

Rusty Bike by Lauren Jump

Watercolor Drip by Lauren Jump

SUBMIT minusNAME by Anthony DeSantis



Soccer. . . . Dad? by Amy Determan

The Other Side of the Wall by Rachel Stanford

Pride by Shane Fredrick

I Love You by Maggie Dorsey

Into the Psych Ward by Eric C. Johnson

Dinner for Three by Kristen Lee



Heavy by Katie Goeing

Two Meditations on Age by Lexi Baldacci

My indulgence into class pretentions may prove fatal by Kathleen Dusenbery

Time Flips the Coin by Kathleen Dusenbery

THE(E): Sex, Ganja, and Metaphysics (a rap) by Matthew Shrider

Son's Confused by Matthew Shrider

Eggs by Thomme Zimmerman

Buddy Guy's by Thomme Zimmerman

Twenty-One by Joseph D. Goff

September by I Abdalla

Recycle by Carly Xagas

Reverse by Carly Xagas

Dirty Katrina by Alissa Miller

Vicious Circle by Andrew Peck

aye sarge by Colleen Burger

fuel by Colleen Burger

A Sonnet by Ingrid Pope

Dear Teacher by Alison Kough

1:23 a.m. by Rachel Stanford

Peaches and Cream by Todd Eddy

The Girl Made of Glass by Bill Johnson

Self Portrait in Four Parts (after Mancini) by Paula Kolek

Untitled by Paula Kolek

On Leaving Rachael at School by Vicky Hallstrom

eyes by Julia DiPiazza

clotting factor by Daniel Scott

i do drugs with shoestring thugs by Daniel Scott

five seven five by Daniel Scott

Divergence by Sean Lewis

May Day by Elizabeth Brei

Season 2 by Marcos Figueroa

Blossom Alive by Amy Rourke




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