Mission Statement


together and equal they sat. unknowing, but Hello,
keen and tense to inspire, but what? one proposed her piece: demanding
passion for the abstract and the concrete. in tandem?
yes, and from whom?
the underrepresented great
minds wandering boldly in
originality amongst a stale world.
yes. another one, in affirmation, and eager,
burst, "give me what I don't expect, and do it unexpectedly!"
because it is all
more still called to those writers not yet heard,
eliciting desire for traditional and non-traditional poems, prose, short essay, and hybrid.
worthy of recognition, but silenced by doubt or absence
of forum forum
"for, umm, me" another testified, "it is more:
experiment, you young,
experiment, you seasoned,
experiment, you academic,
experiment, you community,
what defines literary quality?
they all nodded. agreed. welcoming all innovation.
and then they got a website.

Euphemism Campus Box 4240 Illinois State University, Normal, IL 61790-4240