Issue 10.2 Spring 2015

10.2 cover image

"The Appeal of Creepy Places" by W. Jack Savage.


Editors for this issue:

Emily Miner

Mike Johnsen

Joann Bosas

Rachel Johannigmeier


Issue 10 Volume 2: writing and art for a more peaceful world



Featured Artist: W Jack Savage



The Appeal of Creepy Places

Large Fences

Back Where He Began



Featured Spoken Word Artist: Dan Lewis





Reassignment by Kara Brown

Blame by Rachel Sheley

Lunchtime by Arthur Davis

Pay to Play by Joe Giordano

Impulsive Immunity by Adam Brockman

Inscribing Soleas by Alex Bertacchi Passett

Sick Reflections by Katie Storter

In Memorium by Rachel Sheley

Life of a Pen by Zac Price




Repairing Memories by Tyler Cruz

A Vagramt Hominid Brenton Fisher

On Our Way Out by Michael Millett

Run by Michael Millett

Flarf Tercet Jonah Mixon-Webster

One Feels a Shift by Jonah Mixon-Webster

Jumper Classic by Katie Morris

Cynicism and Cellulose by Kyle Klendworth

At Her Husband's Funeral by John Grey

Do Not Event by Benjamin Busch

It's Not Like a Cautionary Tale by Jeron Jennings

Split the Lines Evenly by Jeron Jennings

Romance by Michael Johnsen

A Collage an Old Callage by Henri Seymour

Reminiscing with Grandpa by Alysha Biiemolt

"I know not-- " by Holy Buescher

"The List" by Holly Buescher

The Shade of Her Shadow by Joe Rice

Folded Paper Houses by Mike Johnsen

anhedonia by Mike Johnsen

Dead Crow by John Grey




Meeting Michael Kelket by Katie Morris

With Worn Out Tools by Jeron Jennings

My Roommate from Hell by Alysha Biermolt

Fractured by Debbie Bateman

Opa by Katie Sall




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